Friday, November 14, 2008

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's supposed to snow tomorrow!

Now, every year it snows. Some years we get mounds of the stuff, some years, it barely accumulates. Somehow, though, the first snow always catches us by surprise.

"What?! Snow! I can't believe it's going to snow already!"

But every year it snows. It's Illinois. There is no escaping it. And then everyone forgets how to drive for about 3 days and then finally, we all accept that winter has yet again come to our city.

With that's still the middle of November. It is not the Christmas season quite yet. So why, when I got into my car for lunch was one station playing nothing but Christmas music? Can we not enjoy Thanksgiving first? I know it's kind of a non-holiday where the only real activity is to eat way more food than should be allowed and maybe if you remember, you'll go around the table and say "I'm thankful for..." whatever, but it's still a holiday and a time to be together with family and we should not glaze over it with pre-December Christmas music. Not only was this station playing the Christmas music, but it seemed to be some sort of "local high school choir sings the holiday hits" segment. Not really very good. I suppose if you have to "entertain" your listeners with local high school talent, broadcasting it this early on is actually a wise move. No one is listening for it. I don't get into the "high school musical" of Christmas until that one tv station starts showing us the delight that is the Holiday Madrigals who all seem to have a version of Carol of the Bells with which to keep up in that holiday spirit! I recall making my mom watch that station many a year!

But I digress...

Pull out those snow shovels folks! Winter is a comin'!


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and how we loved that head movement!