Monday, September 22, 2008

A New Day Has Come


Yes, folks, our dogs are offically enclosed! And when I went home for lunch today, I opened the door to let them out and just went on inside. No standing, waiting, encouraging, chasing into the front yard, pulling, dragging, wandering, searching, calling and calling and calling, no more! You see, all my years we've had the huge fenced-in yard for the dogs and when we moved into this house, it had fencing at the back but not on the sides so we (Danny) put up privacy fencing along the sides and now finally, we finished the job by putting up fence along our driveway. I have pictures on my dead camera that clearly illustrates what went on that I will post later. Danny did a great job and it looks really really good. I'd say he's getting pretty talented at fence building for never having done it before our house.

Other weekend highlights:
1. Emy (sister) and Austin (nephew) visited overnight Saturday and we all really enjoyed that. She went with me to the cookout I previously blogged about and it was also a good time.
2. Brunch on Sunday morning with everyone...good food, good company.
3. A small gathering at our house for the Bears game, which they lost ( again ). I had just gotten home from brunch (Danny left early to do some errands) and got all comfortable on the couch to take a nap because Harrison decided we should be up super early that morning for some reason. I was ready to doze and watch the game with Danny when he walks in with his brother. I was like, hmm, okay well whatever Ty is going to watch the game with us. Then I'm told that his friend Bob was also coming over. Now, this wasn't a huge deal--2 extra people-- but these guys ALWAYS have some sort of food/snacks during the game of which we had NOTHING and my house was/is A MESS and I was moments away from asleep on the couch. Well, I decided I would just maintain my position as "almost asleep on the couch" and let the boys take care of themselves. This was brilliant on my part! I got to just relax and enjoy the game and they did, in fact, take care of themselves.

All in all, a good weekend, a busy weekend. Now I'm back at work. Tomorrow I get to go to the hospital to take a Food Handler Safety class. Do I handle food much? No. But I serve a meal at each quarterly meeting and assist with lots of food prep for other events and so my boss is requiring me to get my food handler license. That means 2 7.5 hour classes with an exam, one tomorrow and one next Tuesday. I am looking forward to this! Although I will get out of the building again and I'm trying to think of it like going back to college for 2 days.

Have a good one...


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