Monday, September 29, 2008

We're Not Here to Cause No Trouble, We're Just Here to Do the Superbowl Shuffle

Congratulations to my hubby for turning me into a genuine Bears' Fan.

Like I said, I have always been an unaware supporter...never really followed the games, team, slept through what games I was in the room for, knew the superbowl song kind of, and so forth.

Now though, if I don't get those bears collars on my dogs by Sunday noon, well forget it! And put on your jersey and get out your special Bears beer mug and run by the in-laws house to pick up the official bears game cake which is a bear face with opponent mascot in its teeth (made by my mother-in-law, I kid you not.).

For Danny's birthday last Friday, I presented him with.....drumroll please....Bears Tickets! We are going to the Bears vs. Lions game on November 2nd. Look for us on TV! We'll be in the end zone, 2nd tier up, 5th row. I felt I won some major wife points with that gift. And I allowed a tequilla birthday party to take place in my backyard (not in the house, thank you) for the birthday festivities.

So I think we're done with September celebrations now. Good thing because we're done with September tomorrow! That was fast!

Other stuff that happened this weekend:
-Went shopping with Mom yesterday and bought Danny a pair of $2 pants at Bergeners! Yes, $2! Regularly $35! So for finding that deal, I bought myself 2 dresses and am now contemplating how much I want those $95 shoes...I love shoes and I want them, but I will attempt to let them go on sale first.
-Helped Danny's grandparents move into a new house. What an interesting time that was. Thank the lord Susannah (SIL) was there because I needed another non-blood relative there with me. I think the day hit its peak when Danny's aunt came into the bedroom where we were all working and told my father-in-law that he wouldn't need to worry about his granddaughters because by looking at me, they'd have big boobs. Wow. Awesome! Not to mention the 987 times I was asked when I would be having a baby...I love that question.
-Appreciated yet again how easy a relationship can go from "Are you freaking kidding me?" to "Man, I really love you." in just a moment's notice...

And 2 of food handler safety class! Can you feel my anticipation?!



Anonymous said...

I suppose you will need someone to let the doggies out at lunch time....I'm your volunteer...and it's a happy celebration of your grandfather's 88th year of his energy being loved and appreciated. A beautiful day, really.

Emily said...

I can't wait to tell people that my sister is a CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL in the food safety field! Wow. Feel the celebrity.