Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Feel Fine

So I heard nothing from the animal control testing lab yesterday, apparently that's a good thing!

I really think I'm perfectly fine. Who knows what was wrong with the kitten that caused it to die, but whatever it was, I don't think it transferred into my body. I feel I have warded off the cat-scratch fever. Although, the vet said that cats can carry stuff that won't produce symptoms in a human for like a month...so, if in a month I become cat-woman, then we'll know.

Danny on the other hand, is a sicky. Physically, I mean. He did not escape the yuck going around (is there yuck going around? I just assume there is because there usually is). He came to bed last night with a gross cough and a stuffy nose and just felt bad. So I was pretty pumped to be sharing a bed with him. Hopefully the king-size will keep his germs away. So he just texted me that he's coming home from work and going to the dentist?. I guess at least he's getting that done, but poor dentist. Keep that face mask on, buddy!

I guess that's all from us today. Work is going to be slow today, I guarantee that. I don't have a lot to do today. I suppose I could get a jump on stuff coming up, but what's the fun in that, really? Maybe I'll post something else later...if you're lucky!


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Leslie said...

what a crazy scary situation. Hope you hear tomorrow that all is well!!