Thursday, September 18, 2008

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Don't let this title mislead you, it's a bit sarcastic and unfortunate...

So, a few months ago after my sister and brother-in-law put their house on the market, Danny had to go replace their water heater. So we went up and spent the night and all that. When we got home and I started the water for a shower, I noticed it was rather chilly and not warming up...turns out, our water heater also needed to be replaced. Awesome.

In the last few days, my sister has been keeping me updated on their purchase of a new big flat-screen tv to go into their new house (a promise to her husband). We also have a 52" GIGANTIC tv that came with Danny like it was his child. We even had to buy a house around the tv to be sure it could fit anywhere in a home. Well yesterday, our tv "malfunctioned" for the second time in 2 years, only now it's not under warrenty. So this means we now get to buy a new tv as well. Isn't that just knock you over funny? I think so! So, unless you guys are planning to win the lottery soon, maybe you could just not do anything major with appliances or electronics for a while. I realize you are moving, but we just can't help but copy everything you do apparently, so for our own more!

We are also keeping the gigantic tv because someday we'll get it fixed. We think it needs a new bulb which are a few hundred instead of just doing that and risking it breaking a third time and again having no tv, we're going to have it, fix it later and then have 2 big tv's. If it breaks then, at least we'll still have another big tv to fall back on. See the logic? I do.



Emily said...

Oh no!! That is crazy! Well, please PLEASE utilize my wealth of knowledge when it comes to big TVs. I have thoroughly researched them in the last few weeks and can tell you anything you want to know about them!! Also, if you get one through some particular merchants (buy online, pick up in person) you can get a TRILLION My Points points!!

Anonymous said...

it's the way of the world