Wednesday, September 24, 2008

C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me

I am a glorified cookie server. Yet in one short week, I will also be a licensed food handler. Seem extreme? I thought so too.

So I was sitting in my little class yesterday with 2 food stand owners, 2 cooks, a hotel manager, and some other guy whose job I forget. All were there to become licensed food managers and handlers. Then there was me. Yes, I do serve food on MANY an occasion as a part of my job, but really only 3 times A YEAR do I actually cook it. Mostly it's store-bought desserts, cubes of cheese (already cubed), fruit, crackers, etc. I do that on purpose. Do you realize how much time I would spend in the kitchen at work (more so than I already do) if I were to make all the necessary food to keep our volunteers happy? We serve food for EVERYTHING around here. Meetings, gatherings, we have a lunch made for us every Wednesday, hell we make up reasons just to serve food to each other. So it makes much more sense to use pre-made stuff for the most part rather than change my profession to chef.

So I feel that my presence in this class is a bit ridiculous, however, I am learning some good stuff for just everyday cooking temps for different meats, proper food storage in the fridge, and all those foodborne illnesses out there waiting to get you! Seriously, I will never comfortably eat in a buffet restaurant again. Not that I won't do it, I just won't enjoy it as much.

Next week I go back for more and the test (which I feel will be pretty easy). I liked getting out of this place for a day and doing something different. It was nice.

Hope you all had a good Tuesday!


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Anonymous said...

this will make you so much more qualified to give out more recipes on your blog.