Friday, September 5, 2008

Doctor, My Eyes

A jam-packed lunch hour, yet again!

I had to run all the way across town to pick up 1 contact lens. I really thought I had more contacts for my right eye, but upon ripping the hell out of my previous lens, I found no more in the bathroom cabinet. I didn't even keep the box so I couldn't order anymore from 1-800-contacts. !.

I call the eye doctor, with hope. I thought my perscription was expired, but I had just ordered some left eye contacts a couple months ago from 1-800-contacts and in order to process the order, they have to get verification from the doctor. Usually they won't do that if your prescription has expired. But they did, so I was happy. So I call the doctor and the verdict?
"You'll have to schedule an appointment before we can order you anymore contacts because your prescription seems to have expired 11 months ago."

Now, here is where I have an issue. My perscription hasn't changed in oh, I'd say 4 years AT LEAST. I need contacts to see. I have glasses, but don't want to wear them every single day of my life until contacts are shipped to me and really, I don't like having to pay eleventy-million dollars in order to see. So I tell the woman that as I have just ripped my very last contact and my prescription hasn't changed since 1974, could I not just get some freaking lenses ORDERED if I make an appointment right this very second?

"I guess I could give you a trial lens to hold you over."

"Well holy geez, thank you."

I have an eye appointment next Friday. Suck.

So today during "lunch", I drive all the way there behind the oldest, slowest lady on earth to get the lens. Guess how much fun that was? None.

The lady behind the counter couldn't find my lens that I was told would be waiting for me today.
"Let me check the back." Sure.

"I'm not finding anything for you back there. Did you call?"

No, I just walked in off the street and figured you'd give me one random contact lens for fun.

"yes." I gave the ENTIRE backstory as to why I was there.

Let me look up your name.

"Your prescription expired LAST OCTOBER!" Yeah, I gotcha.

"Any you JUST RAN OUT OF CONTACTS!?!?!?" Yep. I then had to explain the whole 1-800-contacts saga. And, I feel at this point, do not attempt to lecture me about my last visit to the EYE DOCTOR. It's not like I've been putting off getting that cancerous tumor checked out or ignoring that pesky body-numbing chest pain. For one, I haven't had vision insurance until recently, which means a heafty fee out of pocket and two, if I can't see, I'll let ya know.

Whatever, now the lady informs me that she will have to get permission to give me the contact because BY LAW SHE CANNOT JUST GIVE OUT CONTACTS. Okay...another short aside...A, what is the deal with me and the law? Can't get wedding pictures because of the law and now contacts. And why do these people have to point it out to me so harshly like I'm going to report to the FBI that I was given contact under the table. Yikes! And B, give me a freaking break with this! If anyone gets arrested for attempting to use contact lenses 1 week before a scheduled appointment, I will voluntarily go to jail to escape the stupidity of this world. Holy cow.

I got my contacts. What a shocker there! The great and powerful OZ of the eye place granted his permission for me to have my trial lens! I was so nice in saying thank you and assured them they would be seeing me next Friday. Crazy eye doctor ladies!

Then I had to get lunch on the fly and eat in the car and managed to SPILL ON MY BRAND NEW SHIRT and I think it's stained! Sorry, Mom (she bought me this one yesterday)! I'll buy a new one.

Happy lunch hour to you all.


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I'm a great stain remover. Got lots of tricks. Never fret over a Target top.