Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Don't Fence Me In

We've had a partially finished privacy fence around our yard for like a year now. It drives my dad crazy, but we've managed to live with it okay until recently. The only part not done is the section that has to go across the patio in order to keep dogs from running away. So we always have to take them out and stand there until they are ready to come back in or, more likely, bribe them back in with treats because let's face it, I'm not missing that 10 minutes of programming even if I do have pause on the tv dvr.

Well, I guess Danny had one too many trips outside last night (which was so only like 2 compared to my 478 that afternoon while trying to not be sick!) because when he came in to get me later in the evening, he shows me he has dug out the line of bricks from the patio where he can then insert posts for the fence. "It's happening this weekend, I promise!" Which means dining room baseboards are put on hold, but I'd rather have a finished fence 1 year later and let dogs just be outside without monitoring.

So, assuming he's not lying, I'll post some pictures of happy dogs and a happy wife next week!

Dining Room update: we do have crown molding finished, furniture back in place, stuff hanging on the walls, so it's really liveable and done-looking, just not all the way done.

Now I'm ready to paint the kitchen and living rooms...oh the projects never end!


Emily said...

Yay for projects!!

Anonymous said...

your father will be so pleased!

Leslie said...

love hearing how much your getting done, can't wait to see the fence!