Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Can See For Miles and Miles

Today ushers in the last day of my eye doctor saga for a while (I hope).

I have to go in to the dr. to get my new trial lens tested because low and behold, my prescription changed in one eye -.25. Of course it did, after I ranted about how my eyes have remained unchanged for YEARS. Now one of them decides to be a smart ass and change! Whatever, eye!

So I have to drive all the way across town AGAIN to essentially put in a contact lens and read some letters off the wall. Then I get to pay a lot of money and then drive all the way back to work without having a lunch break. Love. It.

On a completely different note...

I am a supporter of the Obama/Biden ticket. I generally run the Democratic way, but I don't label myself either one because the politics of government is ridiculous. However, I am behind Obama 100%. And it's not like last time with John Kerry and Bush. I mean I loathe Bush as a President and John Kerry wasn't a good choice either, but I leaned his way because he seemed the lesser of two sucky presidents. This time, before we ever even had our candidates I was excited about it. For one, thank Jesus George Bush is done. What is wrong with America that that guy got 2 terms?! For two, I really have always like Obama and being from IL, it was just that much more exciting. And I really liked Hillary too! Two good choices. For three, I don't even really mind McCain so much. I wasn't ever going to vote for him, but if we ended up going Republican again, I think he has been around the block and is an intelligent judge of what needs to be done for America more so than what we've had to put up with for the past 8 years. BUT we do have some big issue differences. Here is the kicker with McCain...he chose Sarah Palin.

I don't get it. It seems really a purely political move to choose a woman right after all the Hillary stuff. This one in particular. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see a woman as VP or Pres. but Palin is way out of her league here. She seems like a nice lady with a bit of governmental experience, but as President? And we have to look at it that way because McCain is like 72 years old and you have to judge your VPs like that anyway. She would not be my choice for President AT ALL. So many reasons why: anti-gay marriage (like belonging to that crazy "I'll pray to make you straight church? what?!), anti-pro choice (as women, we have to be the ones in charge of our own bodies, not our government), anti-animal rights (she allowed for helicopter-driven wolf hunts in alaska - sick), and so on and so forth. And just because Russia is visable from your backyard doesn't mean you know what the hell to do about the war in Iraq.

Just wanted to write that down today. We should all vote no matter who we're supporting.


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