Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summertime

So last weekend was the "last weekend of the summer" even though fall doesn't begin, really, until the 22nd, but nonetheless...goodbye summer.

And today, the high is 93 degrees. Seriously summer, I'm done now. You've made your point, I recognize that...now, shove off. I am ready for 50-60 degree weather, turning leaves, long sleeves, all that autumnal paraphenalia I think I should decorate my house with but never really do. I've grown tired of my summer clothes.

It always happens to me with each season. You pepper your old tried and true outfits with a few new pieces each season and feel good about your selections. Then you try to space out the new with the old and get a good rotation going so you don't end up wearing the same green top every Tuesday. For a good long while you pull this off, then slowly but surely the season's weeks begin to drag on and on and eventually, you find yourself not only wearing that same green top every Tuesday, but also on Thursday and then again on Sunday. Where in the world did all your clothes go? This phenomenon gets me every time! Inevitably, I stain a shirt or two, get a hole here or there, or just get sick of something all together, but here I sit at work in a green top thinking, did I not just wear this last Tuesday?

Soon this will be my winter-time lament, but right now I have some cute new long-sleeved tops waiting to be worn.



Anonymous said...

yes and why is that? I too am totally out of tops and it seems like I bought several for the warm weather...and I'm wearing the same green, Tuesday top too.

Emily said...

I would like to share that I am wearing a brand new, never been worn before top today! However, I did pack up all the clothes that I never wear this weekend and realized that what was left in my closet was literally like 3 shirts. That was sad.