Friday, September 19, 2008

We are family...I got all my sisters with me

Really only the one...but kind of more than one

My sister and nephew are coming to visit this weekend! I am looking forward to it very much! Danny will be doing fence work (at least he better be!) so I will take Harrison to hang out with Mom and Dad and Emy and Austin for the afternoon. Then Danny and I have to attend a cookout for another "sister". Very close friends of his parents, the boys call her "aunt" and her daughter refers to the Moyer boys as her "brothers" so there you go. She moved away and is coming home for the weekend so there will be a small reunion of sorts for her. I assume my sister-in-law will also be there so there again, another "sister" connection.

But the main event is the actual sister...we plan to participate in fun activities after this "foe-sister" cookout and then she will spend the night at my house and leave with the cutest nephew ever on Sunday.

Fun times!

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