Monday, October 20, 2008

All the leaves are brown

and red and yellow and orange!

I had the quintessential fall weekend! First of all, on Saturday I slept in until 9:10 am after going to bed at, I kid you not, 8:30pm. Now, I didn't sleep straight through. Danny came home from poker in the wee hours (winning BIG, which is the only way he's allowed to play) and I talked to him for a while. Then he proceeded to snore me out of the bedroom, so I slept a wakeless (aka dogless) sleep the rest of the night.

Then Mom and Dad and Emy and Austin came over and we all headed to the pumpkin patch. I have pictures of this which will be posted soon (a large picture post is coming next week...have to wait till bosses go on vacation to use the work computer to post - sorry if that's unethical, but that's how I roll). Danny used some of his poker winnings to purchase a 50 lb, $18 pumpkin that will soon be adorned with a Chicago Bears "c" logo and I will make use of all the insides like we are pioneers, because $18 better bring me more than just a pumpkin. I'm talking seasoned seeds, bread, pie, entertainment, love, even shelter - you should see the size of this thing! Anyway, much fun was had by all at the pumpkin patch. The corn maze was a little muddy, but Mom got us through with her amazing sense of direction.

Danny and I headed to ihop and I enjoyed some pumpkin pancakes. Delicious! Although, never allow them to seat you next to the kitchen opening in the restaurant because that just ruins the whole experience. Too much commotion, yelling, and lack of education going on back there.

Next, I headed to work for the Fall Harvest/Stories Around the Campfire event, which was alright. A nice way to spend a fall day, though I was working, so it could have been better.

Short side story: While manning the registration table, I noticed a group of 3 teenagers walk off the bike trail to their car and one of the guys changed his shirt and puts back on his camoflauge jacket. So he was shirtless in the parking lot for a while, which is what caught my eye. Not in a "ooh shirtless hot guy way" because gross, he was like 17 and scrawny, but more of a "why are you not wearing a shirt in the parking lot" way. Anyway, they take off down a trail back by all of the harvest activities. Not 20 minutes later, a sheriff's deputy rolls into the parking lot and asks "has anyone seen a male wearing a camoflauge jacket and red t-shirt?" Oh hey, I have seen that kid! So then I have to go through the ENTIRE rundown of questions (at a very rapid pace, mind you) of what he was wearing, who he was with, what they were wearing, hair color, height, weight, hair style, race, faces, what direction they went, how long ago, could I recognize them if they came back, etc. Well 2 more sheriff's deputies show up by then, one I went to high school with. The 2 guys head off in the direction the kids went and the remaining female deputy hung by their car waiting. Well shortly, the kids were back and she had them put their hands up and then spread them out up against their cars. They were searched and then drove away. Apparently, the camo kid had a pellet gun down his pants in the front and someone saw this on the bike trail and called the cops, thinking it was a real gun. They were told they were idiots and not to come out here again with anything of that nature. So, we had a little excitement!

Back to weekend: Hung out with in-laws Saturday night for a bit after work at our house and then sleep!

Sunday I went shopping with my sister and got pumpkin spice lattes on that venture. They left for home and I did tons of laundry and watched football after the TV guy came (finally!). Danny and I went to dinner at his parents (chilli - yum) with Harrison and then came home and watched a movie.

All in all, a great weekend with great weather and so many appropriate activities!



Emily said...

It was such a fun weekend! I would, however, appreciate a shout out for being your #1 fall festival volunteer! I mean, I said "Happy Harvest!" to people! And I was ready to hand out those tickets, dang it!

Anonymous said...

and a very enjoyable time was had by all..hope you got the pictures I sent.

Little Candle said...

Wow, nothing exciting like that ever happened while I was working at all those events! How cool are you?
How is Sharon B. doing? So concerned for her.

Sarah :)