Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Heat is On!

Yes, we have the heat going once again! Apparently in his efforts to replace the water heater (a fun little surprise project) Danny turned off the gas and that killed the pilot light in the furnace. Makes sense, easy fix, and we're now above 54 degrees in the house. However, I'm a little bummed to admit defeat to the weather. I wanted to go AS LONG AS POSSIBLE without turning the heat on and we almost made it to November. Our power bill was $90 last month which was fantastic! I even think the new tv made a bit of a difference. Now, though, it's going to be like $900 with the heat going. That's why I keep the temp at a balmy 65 all the time. I remember living back with Mom and Dad, whining about the cold while running around with bare feet and like the thinnest shirt on I could possibly find, in January. Looking back, I realize how ridiculous that was and these days, don't even think about adjusting that temperature unless you are wearing 3 pairs of socks, a sweater or two and a wool hat. And try taking a hot shower first...that always warms a person up!

Side note: my coffee tastes like popcorn...weird, but oddly delicious!

Here's a game - list 3 things about yourself that others may not know.
Now, this is going to be hard as my readers have pretty much all known me since at least the 6th grade, some 25 years....

1. I am a horrible phone call returner. I will get voicemails and just never return the call. This is not done in any offense, but I just totally forget. So, to all of you who have been waiting for my call and not gotten it...sorry!

2. I cannot for the life of me remember what my wedding vows were. We did not write our own, we repeated the old tried and true vows that everyone says, though each variation can be slightly different. Well, I couldn't tell you what version we said. I know there was something about "before God and these friends" and I only remember that because Danny said "before God and his friends" which was cute.

3. The very last semester of college for me, was very lonely. All my friends had either gone on to student teach or had graduated and while I knew many of my classmates, I never hung out with them. I was so done with school by that point, I was just going through the motions. If I wasn't in class or on the phone with someone, I didn't really even talk because I lived alone. It was a strange time, but I'm glad I experienced it, as it helped define my character. I was more of an observer of life than a participant for a few months and I learned that everyone should say about 1/2 of what they normally would and listen more. You tend to make way less of a fool of yourself that way. But, when you do say something, be confident in your opinions and don't let people make you feel stupid for your thoughts. That's something I'm still working on, but I got a good start during that phase of my life.

Have a good Wednesday....

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