Thursday, October 23, 2008

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Remember that deodorant? Teen Spirit? Do they still make that?

I have on new deodorant, I bought it because 1. I needed new deodorant and 2. I had a coupon (my sister just say "yay" or "let's hear it for coupons!" or something). Well, I had loaded this coupon on my kroger card and then went shopping and upon reviewing my receipt, the coupon wasn't honored. Then I go to work the next day and see an email saying...okay, now you are ready to use your coupons! So I don't know if the coupon just wasn't loaded quite yet or what. I'm sure my sister will explain it to me. However, the deordorant I chose, based on my coupon, is not all that enjoyable to me. It has a smell. I am not a fan of deodorant smell. I enjoy unscented deodorant because then you can have a perfume or body spray or nothing. With a scented deodorant, that's all you've got, because they are so overpowering! Right now, I am sitting here in my office thinking...what in the H is that smell? Oh hey, it's my armpits! I guess it's better than body odor, but I prefer my armpits to smell like nothing. Maybe that's just me, but I don't think I'm alone in this preference. And also, go try to find unscented deodorant! There is hardly any left in America, I think. I will buy whatever brand has the unscented available and for a while I was using BAN. And frankly, it made me feel a little self-conscious. Who wants to use BAN?! It makes me feel ultra-smelly, when I'm not. I just want the unscented stuff and ban was the only maker for a while. Then Dove had some, but it went away! Then Secret had something with a very light scent, so I was going with that until this recent coupon coup got the best of me. So, I will use this scented deodorant (has a sweet, flowery smell that overpowers me) and if you happen to smell me wearing it, think back to this story and remember my disdain for the smell. And I apologize.



Anonymous said...

I have some deodorant right here and it's SURE unscented....very un-smelled. I think you would like it. I didn't use a coupon when I bought it. sorry Em. would have liked one, but I, too, have had problems finding unscented deodorant. I remember searching and searching with Erin many times. i found this at Target.
now you know.

Emily said...

I did say "YAY for coupons!" but then I said, "Oh no, too bad it didn't work!" You have to wait until you get the confirmation!! Have you been successful with any other coupons?

Also, I use scented deodorant, and I don't feel like I can smell its scent unless I smell my actual armpit, so what kind of ultra scented business are you using??

Anonymous said...

are we really all discussing arm pits and deodorant in public?