Monday, October 6, 2008

It's A Nice Day for a White Wedding

Wow and it really was!

You couldn't have picked a nicer day to have a wedding in the fall. Sunny, cool temps, warm sun, small breeze. Friends of ours got married and Danny was a groomsman. He looked so cute!

The ceremony, I'm sorry, left a lot to be desired. It was an HOUR long, full mass, communion ceremony. was long. And it was very traditional with the "wives honor your husbands and husbands, love your wives as you love yourself" stuff. I really don't put much into that uber-traditional rhetoric, myself, but that's me, it just seems a little "husband is in charge" to me and I'm looking for an equal partnership kind of thing. Other people really do enjoy it and find great comfort in it, I suppose.

Anyway, so there was that and then we all head to the reception site...beautiful! Although it took the bridal party almost 2 hours to get there due to pictures! I had one glass of wine and starting feeling horrible so I left at 9am. I barely even talked to Danny, didn't get to dance, it was a little depressing. But, it seemed like a successful wedding.

Got to work the next morning at 6am, woke up with a headache (from 1 glass of wine? seriously?) that lasted for about 5 hours. It was a great event, no problems, again great weather, but it was a LONG day and it wore me out.

October is starting off a little rough for me, so I'm hoping things start to turn around soon. It's nothing we can't handle, but it's one thing after another and I could use a little down time.

That's all.


Emily said...

You know, didn't August start out kind of ick for me? It just has to happen for someone every few months, I guess! It will turn around soon!

Anonymous said...

so what's with the no communication? you know we like to keep about a blog for wednesday?