Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday Morning at 5 o'clock when the day begins...

...Danny woke me up in the guest bedroom to send me back to bed in our bedroom. I fell victim to the sound of snoring and banished myself to another room to sleep. (By the way, that's a line from what song??)

Sorry to all of you who can't go one day with a blog from me. I really don't have a ton to blog about and I don't want to just put up random stuff everytime that happens. But here it is...random blog.

I got groceries Monday night at Walmart. I'll say this about grocery shopping at Walmart: I am not a fan. Usually everyone and their mom is in the aisle I need, at the exact place I need (are we all seriously buying cous cous at this moment? Come on!) and I ALWAYS spend WAY more at Walmart then I do at Kroger. I think it's a combo of "hey, I'm at Walmart so I should stock up" and prices aren't all that different. At Kroger I feel I am more conservative with what I buy whereas at Walmart, I come away with more random food that we don't usually get. Now, on Monday, it wasn't too bad with the entire population of Decatur trying to buy cous cous. I only had that issue like 2 times instead of 2789 times, so I'll give it that. Also, had I needed to purchase a bedset and hunting ammunition, I would have been all set! But I will stick with Kroger for the majority of my grocery needs.

Last night we had band practice and now we have a "new guy" in the band. Chris, another guitar player. I haven't made up my mind on him yet...I don't really jive with his sense of humor and he plays way to loud for my poor little basement. But he adds some impressive stuff, so I'll deal I guess.

Tonight I'm making macaroni and cheese from scratch! I haven't done that in years (I've only done it once before) and the last time it made me feel very accomplished as a cook. It's not a bad recipe as far as mac and cheese goes...doesn't have all the cream/cornstarch/buttermilk/900 types of cheese that a lot of other recipes has. Just your basic skim milk/flour/cheddar mixture with the bread crumbs on the top. Perhaps I'll post it on the other blog site? We've gotta do better than semi-home made/frozen pizzas.

Tomorrow night I have a volunteer meeting at work and another volunteer meeting Saturday morning! I know I'm the volunteer coordinator and all, but I detest all the meetings. Sorry, people, I just get sick of feeding you! Although I'm licensed to do so now.

And Friday, our poor little Hare-Bear (Harrison) is getting spayed. She's such a big girl! She doesn't even know what she's in for, but it must be done. So I'll have to drop her off at the vet and LEAVE HER THERE OVERNIGHT! which will be really hard, but again, must be done.

Okay, random-shmandom for all of you!



Anonymous said...

blogging ramdomly deserves a comment or two...and amazingly, you had much to tell us, so thanks. now it's thursday, so we'll be looking again for your news...just make up stuff if you have to. Milk was only $2.62 at Sam's if you're interested. I know you're a big fan of milk.
Trying to get over a cold today. I'll be looking for your news later on.

erin said...

I got milk for $2.82 at walmart, so that's not bad either. I hear it was $1.99 at Menards...isn't that interesting?

Emily said...

Milk has been $1.99 at Aldi for months!! Pick some up!