Thursday, October 2, 2008

Under My Thumb

I have a bum thumb (yes, the rhyming was intentional)!

While moving the in-laws last weekend, I managed to smash my thumb up against a dresser I was loading off the truck (I'm not sure why I was doing that, but I digress). It went numb for a few seconds and then seemed to recover. That was Saturday. Today is Thursday. It started hurting Wednesday. That is some delayed pain right there. But now I'm really trying to remember, was this even the thumb I smashed? I think it was, but I honestly can't recall. The pain would lead me to believe it was, but still, it was 4 days before the pain set in. And it really hurts! I can't bend it all ALL without a sharp shooting pain running up my thumb and into my hand. It's not swollen or bruised or anything, but there is a very specific spot that all the pain is radiating from. Come to think of it, this is the thumb the cat bit! Uh oh, hope this isn't residual cat-scratch fever at work!

In other news, I was on the radio today. This was my second appearence on WHOW 1520 (am), 95.9 (FM) out of Clinton, IL. I think the audience is mostly farmers and old people within a 50 mile radius, but still, it's fun to be on the radio. We go once a month for work (not always me) and promote upcoming programs, the volunteer program, environmental stuff, etc. I think we should hook up with some radio station in town and have a little show of our own here at the Nature Center. That would be awesome and I would so do that instead of manage volunteers! I would enjoy that.

What's coming up:
-Today: Danny has a bachelor party tonight for the upcoming wedding so I'll not see him for the majority of the night, I'm sure.
-Friday: Danny is taking off work to golf/rehearse/dinner for the upcoming wedding. I was going to attend the dinner, but it's out of town and I'm already going there on Saturday and didn't want to spend the night with drunk groomsmen in the hotel room. So I will instead hang out with Ashley and Lauren and get Starbucks coffee and sleep alone (with 2 dogs) in my king-sized bed.
-Saturday: Drop Harrison off at Mom and Dad's, go to said wedding in Springfield, come back home.
-Sunday: Prairie Pedal Fundraiser Event! Holy cow, get pumped!

What's coming up for you??


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