Monday, October 27, 2008

I didn't sleep at all last night...

I was up from 3am (on the dot) until 5:30ish. Fantastic.

This didn't even result from dogs or snoring husbands. This was just me, wide awake, for no apparent reason. I watched Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and took Harrison outside and just waited to be tired again. We fell asleep around 10pm, so I guess 5 hours was plenty for my body. I managed to fall asleep around the time Danny woke up, so I got in another couple hours and surprisingly, I'm not really all that tired this morning. My dad doesn't really sleep all that well and gets up ridiculously early and for the last few years, my mom sleeps in spurts as well. I'm hoping this isn't some kind of genetic non-sleep thing that I must begrudingly accept as "the way it is" because I am a sleeper. I like to sleep. I like those few minutes right before you fall asleep that you can think, "oh yes, here I go" and if you do happen to wake up in the night you can simply, fall back asleep. That's great. Being awake for hours in the middle of the night is not. I can't count how many times I've done this now, so I'm ready to be done with the insomnia. Friday, I was DEAD TIRED all day. I went out to dinner with Ashley and Kayla (which was all kinds of fun) and got home about 7:30, proceeded to get into bed, and was awake until about 2:30, not AT ALL sleepy.

My body has been playing some fun little mind games with myself lately and I'm about done. Either go all the way with it, or stop! That might only make sense to me, but just go with it.

So anyway, hope everyone else had some good sleep this weekend. I got one good night in, so I guess that's enough.



Emily said...

Wow, I'm actually beating anonymous in the comments?? YES!! Just kidding! I was going to say that I do that, sometimes. I just lay there thinking, "Okay, sleep...go!" Sometimes reading (NOT tv) is the only thing that helps my mind get distracted enough to fall asleep!

Anonymous said...

o to sleep like we all once did when the world was so much more simple....when a simple night's sleep was taken for granted....with a good night's sleep and good deodorant, wouldn't we all be so happy?
and we're all waiting for a new blog from emily.