Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cookie Cookie Cookie Starts with C

I kicked that food safety training test's ass!

I finished in 15 minutes, with the average finish time clocking in around 45. The instructor actually predicted I would finish first "based on my speed at doing the in class work." Guess I was just antsy to get it done.

I have always been a quick test taker. I'm not bragging here, either. It really used to freak me out, especially in college. I would get through a 100 multiple choice test in about 25 minutes and think, crap, this can't be right! I was never one to go back through and check my answers either. I kind of did that as I went along, the double-check thing. Eventually I became a fan of the fast test-taking, especially during exams because I would just get them done and over with and get to leave class.

But anyway, dependent upon my results, I am now a licensed food handler. So if I'm in your kitchen, you better be cooking by the book or I'll bust you!

We're really gearing up (no pun intended) for our big bike event this Sunday. People are starting to get nuts here at work! So many details to get done all at the last minute. It's a fundraiser for our Foundation and I have to be at work at 6am on Sunday morning! Yes, that is before the sun comes up, thanks for asking. I have a wedding in Springfield the night before, Danny is a groomsman, so I will have to not really drink and leave at a decent hour. Fun! We have a really nice hotel room at the crowne plaza where the reception is that I will not be able to enjoy or sleep in. Fun! No real chance for Danny and I to have a little get-away weekend in Springfield and enjoy each other's company (wink wink) in a really nice hotel room. Fun! I'm really looking forward to all that fun there is to come this weekend.


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