Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm so Tired

I smashed my thumb AGAIN! Same one! It sent a sharp, shooting, tingly sensation all throughout my thumb. I'm going to have to start wearing biker gloves or something. It was feeling better today and everything and now, hurts like a mother all over again!

In other news, I'm tired. I was awake from about 4:15am until 5:30am when hubby decided to roll in from the bachelor party. He called about 10pm (a respectable hour for the most part) to say that he was coming home to grab the tequila! And he would most likely spend the night at Smitty's (his friend's house, where the festivities were going down) which is about 1 mile from our house, due to intoxication. I said fine, because I really wasn't looking forward to waking up to barking dogs and a drunk guy coming home at all hours of the morning. I was doing just fine in my big old bed, thankyouverymuch! But he came home. And the dogs barked, and he had to make tater tots, and I was AWAKE. And then we had to chat because drunk people insist on chatting until the end of time. Finally, he fell asleep and I remained awake for another 20 minutes or so. He had to be up at 8am to go golfing, I'm sure that was a fun time for him, but for golf, he'll do about anything.

Then work was C.R.A.Z.Y! Prairie Pedal Preparation commenced. And I was the bell of the ball until the Foundation members showed up at 2pm and I was no longer necessary in the operation. Until things needed to be moved, packed, cleaned. Love that! Needless to say I've sat down for approximately 45 minutes today.

I can't wait to go home! Ashley and Lauren are coming to hang out and get Starbucks and perhaps autumn-scented candles. Then I can relax in style until tomorrow when I have to go to a wedding.

Have a fantastic weekend all you readers! And leave me a message if you haven't done so before...I want to know if more than 7 people actually read this thing!

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Emily said...

That tater tot comment made me laugh out loud because yes, when you're drunk, there must be some sort of food preparation that commences! On a related note, should we all come to you for this food prep during our drunkenness, since you're a certified food handler?