Sunday, August 31, 2008

sing out loud, sing out strong

Alright, it's Sunday night, both band gigs done and I'm exhausted...we still have Monday to go!

Saturday night - backyard band - fun times!  We had a good, family-oriented crowd (all family members and close friends), we sang for about 1.5 hours and then just hung out in the backyard.  I went home about 10 due to 1, tiredness and 2, 2 dogs in my kitchen most likely eating my kitchen floor.  They didn't do too much damage, and I pretty much fell asleep straight away.

Sunday evening - benefit gig - (short aside: this was a benefit for a young family, wife with stage 4 colon cancer and they have an 8 month old baby, so hopefully they will raise some good money and we were happy to be a part of it) went very well.  We were much cleaner than our previous gigs, although when you play outside you kind of lose the sound.  But we had a good set of covers and things went well.  I know people took pictures so I might be able to post some of both nights.

So now Danny is still at the benefit listening to the other bands while I again, went home due to tiredness and dogs.  It's 9:15 and we have to get up tomorrow and leave by 9 am.  I am already dreading it.

Friday night I was awake from 2-5:30 for various reasons and I caught like a 30 minute nap before noon.  Last night I slept fine but Harrison decided we needed to get up at 6am and when I finally got her to nap (I swear I'm ready for a baby) I slept for a couple more hours.  Now, if I go to bed soon, which I plan on doing, I will get a good amount of sleep but I think I'm still going to be tired tomorrow.  

Ah well, I love long weekends and am certainly not looking forward to going back to work, so I'll enjoy tomorrow and relax in the afternoon (hopefully)!

Union Picnic, here we come!


p.s.  Even though we didn't come home at the same time, I still get to go home with the drummer!  Hotness!

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Anonymous said...

being purely objective, you are the best singer ever and the drummer is the lucky one to get to go home to you.

but you're both so great!