Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Getting Better All the Time, It Can't Get No Worse

Today is Wednesday. Week half over....sort of. Another "no boss" work week to keep me hanging on.

I've been noticing a lot of other bloggers have a good/bad list to kind of wrap up the week...things that were good, things that kind of sucked. Here is some of that from me, and yes, I know it's only Wednesday.

Good: My tooth is fixed! I was in the chair for literally 3 minutes this morning; my filling had to be filed down a bit as it was too high and throwing off my bite, thus the pain.

Bad: I went to bed with a headache and woke up with a headache. I really don't enjoy that! I still have the headache too.

Good: Today is my 5th day in a row of taking a daily vitamin. Now, you may think that is nothing/pathetic, but in my world, 5 consecutive days of vitamins is fantastic. I'm not sure why I am so bad at taking them, but I am. It's not that I don't believe in their value or that I even forget all the time, I just have NO motivation to take them, so I'm working on that.

Bad: We had a "brown out" on Monday night due to a substation catching on fire. Right before we were going to start band practice, too. It lasted for about 2 hours.

Good: We all just kind of hung out in the front yard with the dogs during said brown out and it was a good time. Talked to some of the neighbors, entertained ourselves without electricity.

Bad: I have to go buy groceries tonight.

Good: I only went grocery shopping twice this month, spending (based on today's upcoming purchases) approximately $150 total. I love that. It really helps to make food from scratch and not buy pre-packaged stuff.

Bad: Waiting for stuff sucks.

Good: When things finally work out, it's wonderful (see previous blogs).

That might be about all for the past couple of days. Have a good one!


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