Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're An American Band

We had band practice last night. We're a little roughed up, too.

Danny has been "diagnosed" with tendonitis. A mild case, but he has to wear a brace to work for a while and an ice brace during his down time. They gave him a prescribed steriod, but he isn't taking that because yikes, I don't think it's quite that serious...Ibuprofen works too. He can still drum, but his wrist hurts too.

Jason shot a nail through his finger yesterday. Luckily, it was on his "pickin' hand" and he can still play, but again, his finger hurts.

Mike (the bass player) seems to be alright, and I'm fine, although I was going through puberty last night with all the crackiness in my voice I was experiencing. We did, however, have to do You're No Good like 3 times in a row for the guys to get it together and that's a big time singing song, so by the end of the 3 run through, my voice was done with it.

We have a show coming up on August 31st (Sunday) at 5pm at the Elk's Lodge? Club? out on 27th street. Another benefit (our 3rd one, which means a non-paying gig...again), we're playing for an hour...come on by and have a listen if you're able!


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