Monday, August 4, 2008

Go, Speedracer, Go!

I forgot to mention...

Danny informed me of our plans for next Saturday night...

"Hey, don't make any plans for next Saturday night."

"Why, what are we doing?"

"We are going to MACON SPEEDWAY."

"We are?!?!!!!"

"Oh yeah!"

"Just you and me?!?!?!?!!!!"

"No, it's Burdick night at the Speedway. Or at least we get the private box and free drinks and stuff."

"Wow! The private box!"

So friends, I'm off to the speedway. I have managed to avoid this place for like 15 years or so. My sister used to work there (fancy pants). However, I am intrigued by the "private box" and hanging out with a bunch of plumbers. This will be my first "fitter function" (plumbers and pipefitters) as we call them as the wife! And at Macon Speedway, no less? This is big time!


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Em said...

Oh boy!! I used to hang out in that private box every weekend (if it's the box I'm thinking of, where the announcer sits in one enclosed section of it). You are pretty cool!!! Keep your eyes peeled for Eric Steiling -- I feel that he probably isn't too far from the Speedway!