Thursday, August 21, 2008

I don't wanna work, I just wanna bang on the drums all day

I. strongly. dislike. work. strongly.

So, you ever have those days at work that you get there and everything seems fine, but then you come across someone who just turns the day sour? I have so many of those days. This is one of those days as well. It doesn't take much around here, I tell ya. Oh well, been there, done that...the day will end eventually. People keep asking me if I will ever become a tradition teacher like I went to school for and you know what, I don't think so. A part of me feels bad for that, but another part of me, the larger part, just wants to have kids and stay home. And what is so wrong with that? I grow tired of the asking, like what I'm doing right now is not good enough or right or something. I was teaching previously here where I work, making very little money, and that also seemed not good enough for people, but I loved it. Maybe I'll get to do it again, I would love that. And yes, money is essential in life, but it shouldn't dictate what you enjoy doing and your passions. Whatever, it's just one of those days where I question what I'm doing, and what lies ahead for me and my family, you'll have those days.

Shopping yesterday was fun. Mom and I had lunch and then wandered around a few stores. Picked up a birthday present for a 1-year old party coming up. Got Danny a new shirt for work (exciting), nothing for myself this time, but it was a fun afternoon.

That's all today.


ps. Danny called while I was typing this post just to say hi and hear my voice. I love that guy.


Anonymous said...

to enjoy a normal afternoon, to realize the the bad day will pass and to have someone who calls just to hear your voice seems to show that you have attained a level of success that has nothing to do with any sort of formal's the people who aren't satisfied with their lives who question other people's choices.

Emily said...

Wow...good comment, anonymous. Very deep and insightful!

erin said...

I agree...nice! Thank you anonymous.