Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Love Dirty Laundry

Today I am taking off work at noon! It's 11 right close!

Mom and I are going shopping this afternoon and then I will return home to put clothes away and do more laundry. Laundry is a hang up of mine. I will do the laundry, happily. I will change from washer to dryer like it's a day at the park. I will bring the clothes up from the basement and 97% of the time fold them and not even mind too much. Normally, the "putting away" process would take place here. Normally.

I really don't enjoy the putting away process. I never have. Ever. I feel REALLY accomplished when I do put clothes away. It really makes a big difference as far as house cleanliness goes.

So in my world of laundry, the clean folded clothes sit in the laundry baskets until I have enough dirty laundry to do sitting on the floor of our closet. Then, I have to put all the clean clothes away in order to empty the basket, so I can then fill it again with dirty clothes and take them downstairs to wash, which I do happily, as you read. This is a terrible cycle and I must stop doing it, but somehow by the time the "putting away" rolls around, I just have no energy/desire to mess with it. Plus, Danny NEVER EVER puts his stuff away, so I have to put everything away. No fair, I say!

So tonight, I will put away clean clothes from last week (my mother is like cringing as she reads this) and wash the current dirty clothes and try my best to put them away tonight! I've done it before, it's just so rare an occasion.

In other news, my tooth that was filled last week...HURTS! When I press down or chew, I feel a sharp pain and experience a metallic taste. I feel this is somehow wrong. I so don't want to go back to the dentist (3 times in a month?! Craziness) but I think I'm going to have to. Boo! Although I feel a third trip should be no charge. This is obviously a mistake on the part of the dentist who somehow screwed up a filling (I'm assuming), so I should not have to pay. I will have to investigate this entire situation further.

Everyone enjoy your day, sorry if you are stuck at work, I will send happy thoughts your way!



Emily said...

You stink, being off at noon!! Enjoy your laundry and come do mine! Mom can cringe at me, too, because I have three, count 'em, THREE baskets full of clean/dirty clothes right now!

Little Candle said...

How did the laundry go? I also hate putting it away...ugh.
I hope the tooth straightens itself out soon!

Sarah :)