Friday, August 22, 2008

It's a nice day for a white wedding

I was just reminiscing about my wedding with myself (reminiscing like it was so long ago).

What a fun day that was! Even this soon after I don't remember all the things that happened. I was so unaware with what other people were doing, I was just dancing a have a great time! I probably should have talked to my guests more than I did, but I was too busy breaking it down. Sorry guests!

We have already attended one wedding as a married couple, it was kind of weird! Definately an oddly same/different kind of experience. Same in that attending weddings all have the same kind of feeling...the walk down the aisle, vows, rings, unity candle sameness. Different in that, I know I've done that, I know what that is like, what that feels like and that I am sitting in the audience as a married person! In October, we're going to a wedding that Danny is a groomsman for. That, I think, will be even more strange in that my husband will be standing up there with his little wedding ring on and I will be watching him knowing he's been there, done that. I'm sure all you married people understand the strangeness of doing things as a married person that you've done as a single person and can recognize the different feeling of it.

It's fun to be an observer of your spouse while he/she does something cool. Then you can say, yep, that's my husband/wife out there!

I really like being married. Don't get me wrong, some days it's more like...I know there is a reason we got married, though it's kind of foggy right now...but most of the time, it's pretty flipping cool!


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Anonymous said...

happy two month, 2 weeks and one day anniversary...seems to be going along really fine.