Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's just another day in paradise

Seriously, I have NOTHING to tell you today. It's just another day. I feel like my more boring blogs come on rainy days. I get no inspiration to write anything and I cannot think of anything particularly exciting to talk about.

Here are some fun random pictures to make up for no news...

I'm sorry, but this is like the cutest picture ever.

This is Harrison, hiding from the vacuum cleaner.

That's me and Mike, the bass player, before practice...I am hurrying to make dinner first. I think this is the only picture of my short hair so far.

This is how Danny solved the issue of Harrison getting out of the kitchen during the day while not being confined to a crate for hours. Drastic, but we love it!

And finally, these are suspicious footprints in the dust on TOP OF THE DINING ROOM TABLE!.
Good thing I let the dust build up enough to catch the culprit after the fact!

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Anonymous said...

footprints on the table are pretty funny...and Harrison hiding is pretty cute.