Monday, August 18, 2008

Get Your Motor Running...

I forgot to mention this regarding this weekend...

So...who's husband got to ride in the Tony Stewart tahoe pacecar for like 10 minutes at Macon Speedway this past Friday night? Mine! I know, I know...he's hot stuff.

One of Danny's really good friends from high school works at the speedway and called him down from the Burdick Plumbing party (in the private lounge-by invite only, mind you)* to ride with him in the Tahoe which is being raffled. They went so many times around the track and then he got stuck in the middle of the track with the rest of the crew for a 30 lap midget car race. Very loud!

Anyway, that was a good time. Really good free food and free drinkage.


*if you haven't been to Macon Speedway then you must realize that a classy joint, it ain't. However, the little private room is decent and provides a dirt-clump free, somewhat quieter atmosphere in which to enjoy cars crashing around a dirt racetrack.

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