Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunshine Day

It's from that Brady Bunch was just in my head all of a sudden, and its appropriate for the day.

Today is going to be very, very, very, very hot. Love it.

The parade was all in all a good time. Not as warm as expected and I actually rode in the wagon instead of walking so that worked out well. I saw a lot of people I knew along the parade route and the tunes were well-received. And yes, that was my ONLY appearance at the Decatur Celebration this year!

I cleaned my house (finally) on Saturday morning. I dusted, vacuumed, put random things away, and even deep-cleaned my carpets...well the spots on the carpet anyway. And I finally cleaned the bathroom! Whew! I have been threatening it with a cleaning for weeks now and finally got my butt in gear and did it and its much better now. I did not clean the kitchen. I took a break to eat lunch right before I was going to do the kitchen (I did put dishes in the dishwasher) and then my mom and sister called. She was in town picking up Austin and requested I come play over there for a while. So I left the kitchen for another day. (Also, Danny will randomly feel the need to clean the house and always does the kitchen and does a kick-ass job of it and then he makes the beds...that's about it and that's pretty few and far between, but I'm hoping he'll feel the need one of these days).

On Sunday, Danny and I spent the better part of the morning laying in bed...he sleeping, me watching tv because it was dark and rainy and I highly enjoyed it. Then I went out into the world with Mom and finally got my wedding pictures. It was the same lady at Walmart and she was trying to be overly nice about the whole thing, but I wasn't having it. So I said little to nothing, paid, and left. Yay pictures! I finished my wall collage frame and will post a picture of it soon.

So things are getting done and I am happy about it! And now Emy and I have a new blog together that you should all check out!

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