Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Life is what happens to you while you're BUSY making other plans

I just ate Subway at my desk.

I barely even have time to each lunch these days. I work 8-5 and Danny works a 10 hour day, so between the two of us, anything that has to get done (i.e. go to DMV to get license plate sticker-late no less) during the week happens on my lunch hour...IF I can get Mom or Dad to let our dogs out for me (which they usually can). This drives me insane. A lunch hour is not enough time to do anything plus eat lunch, and the lunch always comes last to enusre you get done what needs to get done during that hour. Bleck! (I don't know, "bleck" just seemed to work out right then).

So basically, this pesky job of mine keeps getting in the way of my life. We have so many "extra-curriculars" going on that time after work and on weekends just gets swept away as well, but we really enjoy those things, so that's not going to give. The only solution, really, is for me not to have a full time job. At this present moment in time, that's not going to happen, but let me tell ya, I'm working on it. I used to work a part time gig here at the same place that actually used my college degree to an extent (teaching) which paid so very little, but allowed me the freedom to set my own hours and get things done, hell even relax and enjoy myself during the week. Then I decided it was more important to pay bills and so forth, so I had to get something salaried with benefits so I applied for and took another position within the organization. And I'm thankful for having both the salary and benefits. They have allowed me to live a very nice little life. However, now Danny is making really decent money (don't get me wrong, we're not "rich", "loaded", or even "impressive") that we can make work for us if need be. So my entire view has shifted. Plus, it's no secret that we want to add to our little family soon, so my priorities are also shifting. This job, especially this one, is not worth sacrificing a family for.

Like I said, right now, everything will remain as is as far as I know and I'm okay with that, but I would just like to let Life know, I'm open for suggestion!


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