Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

It's seriously only Tuesday?! Yes!

I feel like it should already be Thursday. I think it is because I have to work 2 nights this week and I have band practice every other night this week...blah on busy evenings! Sorry babe, no dinners this week!

I have one very sad little puppy sitting at home in her crate today. She hasn't had to be in the crate for weeks. WEEKS! However, yesterday I came home to the usual chewed baseboards (I've determined our kitchen theme is now "rustic") to find a new addition to the remodel. Harrison found the seam in the linoleum (sp?) and RIPPED UP THE FLOOR! Now, she didn't do too much damage, but there was a noticable section of floor pulled back to reveal the subfloor. Frantically, I found super glue in the garage and did my best, but she did eat some of the linoleum, so I put a small rug on top of it until we redo our floors. Which I wasn't planning on for some time. This dog is quite the stylist. She is going to spend at least the next few days back in the crate, although she now knows life outside the crate and puts up quite a resistance to getting in there, and then she will be having morning walks (I really am going to try) before being left in the kitchen. I hope this solves the problem. Good thing she has the cutest face to get herself out of any real trouble!

Man! It's only 3 pm! I just looked at my clock and I really think it should be 5 by now. Longest. Week. Ever. For so many reasons people...so many reasons!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were able to get something to eat last evening...it was fun.

Anonymous said...

let's get going on this blog update...your sister has blogged in today...I'm waiting for you.