Friday, August 29, 2008

Sing, Sing A Song...

Or 12...

This is going to be quite a weekend!

So, this afternoon I am going back to Bloomington with Mom and Dad to again, see the new house. Which means I get to leave work early (again!).

After I get back, there is band practice. This could last awhile. It will be my third night of practice. And here's why:

Saturday night I will be singing with my brother-in-law, Ross, and our friend Nick in his backyard band for their annual labor day party. We've been practicing for a few months and it's something Ross has always wanted to do, so cool that we're really doing it! So that day will consist of packing up equipment, moving a drum set (no, Danny is not the drummer this time, this music is too mellow for his tastes), and getting all that to set up and then performing, drinking and such to follow.

Okay, then on Sunday, the other band, Pearly's Best, has a performance at a benefit. I just read about it in the paper, our band name is listed and we're on the flyers around town. !. Wow, so I CANNOT overdue it at the Saturday party singing-wise so I have a good voice for the Sunday show. We're playing for about an hour there, so not too bad. If anyone would like to come watch (obligatory band plug ahead) we are playing at 5pm and I guess it's $20/person which includes a steak dinner, but I've heard that if you don't eat, you don't have to pay. However, it is for a good cause, so it's not like it's just $20 going to the man.

On Monday, we were going to walk in the labor day parade, but now we have to deliver the 1197 cookies Danny's mom has made for the union picnic and help set up the food and...RUN THE HORSESHOE TOURNAMENT! That's big time stuff, kids. Big time.

I hope to come home and collapse that afternoon. Maybe I will see if Mom and Dad would like to spend Monday with a very cute puppy so I can totally neglect my "dog-mom" responsibilities and nap instead of caring for her. It's usually a pretty easy sell, but I don't know what they have going on that day. We'll see.

That's all.



Anonymous said...

Monday is the String Tournament at SS so there won't be people home all day in Elwin...just so you know for your plans that day.

Emily said...

Why are you guys so cool that you get to run the horseshoe tourney? Man, I wish I was that beloved in my town!!! Good luck this weekend with your gigs! I know you'll be great! :)

Leslie said...

Wowza thats so much.... I can't wait to hear how it all went!!